Data Visualisation | How to Analyse and Effectively Communicate Your Data

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Data Visualisation | How to Analyse and Effectively Communicate Your Data 1

Data visualisation can leverage the superpowers of your data. As data gets more profound and more complex, it’s imperative to bring simplicity in it.

The steps are simple.

You start collective and combining data.

Next step is that you begin to extract value from it.

Your data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but if you miss the resources to uncover and translate those insights into actions, your efforts will fall short in the last mile.

To fix this issue, data scientists need to be excellent storytellers.

They need to be able to persuade an audience to make specific strategic moves; they need to make sure their message is clear & compelling.

That’s why data communication is so important.

In this video, we’re going to take a look at how data-scientists can better communicate with stakeholders and master the art of persuasion!

The first tip is to use data, visuals and narrative together.

Visuals make it easier for people across business functions to access and explore the data on their own.

Second, use the 3-act structure to connect to the 3 steps of advanced analytics.

When your narrative is coupled with data, it helps to explain to your audience what’s happening in the data and why particular insights are important.

Third, have a defined character for your audience to root.

Inserting a protagonist in your narrative has proven to be a powerful element for sharing insights and ideas in a way that is memorable, relatable and engaging.

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